Pre-A16 (April 8-15)

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Eight (8!!!!!) Days of Workshops, Construction of Giant Puppets, Props & Banners, Trainings, Issue Forums, lobbying Congress, Arts, Spokescouncils and Actions in preparation for the Massive Non Violent Direct Action at the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Headquarters, April 16/17th.

The Action Scenario will be coordinated by representatives (spokespeople) from the Affinity Groups who will meet nightly starting on April 8th. Please send a spokesperson as early as possible in the week to facilitate action coordination. Affinity Group formation will happen during the Nonviolence Workshops and the daily Orientation gatherings.

As well, check out the calendar on the A16 web site for other actions that week, and information about the Permitted Rally and March on April 16/17.

To date, workshops and trainings in the following areas have been scheduled:

Nonviolence Preparations Handling the Media Puppet Construction
Legal Briefings Movement for Activists Street First Aid
WB/IMF Issue Forums Solidarity Tactics Anti-Oppression

Peacekeeeping/Traffic Magic for Activists
Climbing for Activists Diversity Blockades
Community Organizing Consensus/Facilitation Activist Singing
and MORE!!!


April 8-15th, Saturday to Saturday, 9am to 11pm daily TENTATIVE 

General Schedule:
First Sessions, 9am-12pm/ Lunch 12-1pm/
Second Sessions 1-5pm/ Orientations 5pm/ Dinner 5:30-7/ Spokescouncil 7-9pm/ 
Third Session 9-11pm
Construction Workshop Orientations Daily, 9-10am and 1-2pm. TENTATIVE

Anyone with an interest in nonviolent direct action, building GIANT puppets and painting banners, mobilizing against corporate globalization, and/or getting information on the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

About 300 groups have endorsed and/or support the Mobilization for Global Justice and our call to Shut Down the IMF/World Bank Meetings on April 16/17 (see list on

We will be setting up a kitchen and providing vegetarian meals during the Convergence and the Actions, April 8 - 17th. ***BRING YOUR OWN BOWL, CUP and UTENSILS, please! Let us know if you can bring any bulk food or supplies.

We are doing our best to identify homes with space, cheap hostels, campsites and floor space in churches and gyms. LET us know if you can HOST people. CHECK OUT THE WEB SITE to get hooked up: BRING YOR OWN SLEEPING BAGS for general housing.

We will be providing childcare at or near the Convergence Site as volunteer coverage permits.

The Site is two story-building, with accessible first floor and elevator to second floor. 

We will provide signing and translation as requested.

Check out List of suggested First Aid Supplies posted on web site. Bring CHEAP FM Radios to listen to our Free Radio Station on A16!!! Bring donations...

Suggested donation $20/day, (sliding scale of $5-50/day). No oneturned away for lack of funds.

Start your Convergence Experience at the Welcome Center!!!! THE Place to check in, get orientated, find out about affinity groups, volunteer to help with kitchen, security, you name it!! Find us in the REAR Building at 1328 Florida Avenue….opens 9am on April 8th, 2000. Come down the Alley Next to the Manhattan Building, and go Left. Welcome Center in Building on Right. Look for our signs, and See you there!

Please Check in at the Welcome Center Independent Media Center Desk.