Direct Action Network

Our resistance is diverse in content and expression, and we fiercely affirm that it will remain so.

We are rooted in a belief that a desirable, just world is one directly controlled by the people. We reject capitalalism, centralized government. hierarchy, and all forms of discrimination. We will not be controlled by corporations and militaries, nor by their insidious propaganda that passes for truth.

We commit to creating a broad based peoples' movement. We believe in our collective power to overcome the corporate imitation of culture. We don't need to be told how to live. We already know. We desire a certain greatness, in which freedom is a fact and economic, social, and ecological persecution are mere fossils in our history.

When we look around we see immense talent, compassion, and potential. We can use these tools to structure our lives to the benefit of the planet and its peoples. We know this because we have already begun. In the past few years we've seen our actions gain momentum as a swelling movement against global capitalism, corporate domination, and falsely democratic political structures. We are rising up, and we are getting things done.

We are building the world we believe in.

We are amazing people.

We are power.

We are alive!

And we intend to stay this way.

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