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Halifax Coalition


Tomorrow, that is, Tuesday, March 29th, at 6:00 pm, the Third Big Meeting to organize vans to Washington and local actions against the IMF and World Bank will occur. If you have been doing stuff for this, please attend so we can get comprehensive reports. If you can't attend, please forward something to me so I can report on your behalf.

If you want to go to Washington, you must fill out a registration form. In Halifax this must be a paper copy of the form. In PEI, NB and Newf we will send you an email form tomorrow or Wednesday. There is a space on the form for contributions. That is, you must contribute time and/or money to the cause - this is not a free ride. We are strongly encouraging all van participants to contribute between $10 and $100 to the vans based on an honour system - pay what you can honestly afford type thing. Of course if somene is completely without means they can simply contribute some time, be it postering for events, fundraising on their own behalf/looking for sponsors, or driving to Washington or any number of other activities. 

Deadline for the long trip is this Thursday March 30th.

Departures: April 7, April 12 and April 14 in the evening.

Returns: April 19, April 19 and April 18 respectively.

IMPORTANT NOTE RE: TRAINING: I discovered whilst calling Washington to inquire about housing and let them know we're coming that training for the Direct Action component of things in Washington is not required per se but strongly encouraged by the organizers in Washington. Training takes about 4 hours and will be offered daily in Washington between April 8th and April 15th. The last training session is on April 15th at night (I think).

Training is also going to be offered for people who want to participate in specific types of activity, such as first aid.

IMPORTANT NOTE RE: BILLETING: Billeting is probably all taken at this point. We are contacting folks in Washington but we should all be prepared to sleep on a gym floor or similar location, so bring bedding (sleeping bags). Also please bring water, first aid etc - I will provide a list of suggestions to anyone that wants it.

IMPORTANT NOTE RE: DRIVERS: So far we have two drivers over 25, plus one in Newfoundland who may be coming in the first van, and about six over 21. We are working on options to allow over-21s to drive. This is the list as I know it so far. If you are a driver and don't see your name on the list, please let me know and give me your age (over 21 or over 25), and let me know which time slot you can drive.

See you all tomorrow! Thanks for all your work, everyone - this is really going to happen!

A16 Halifax - Washington Committee