Mobilization Resources

Here are documents that have been received to help all of us working on A16. Rather than writing original materials, please feel free to use or borrow from these pieces. They have not been reviewed and they are not endorsed by any official group -- they are simply previously written pieces that are useful in preparing our own material.

Deadly Embrace
An updated version of the 30-minute video, "Deadly Embrace: Nicaragua, the World Bank and the IMF" is now available. This documentary provides first hand accounts from Nicaraguan farmers and citizens of how the IMF and World Bank Structural Adjustment policies have threatened the stability of the Nicaraguan economy and endangered the lives of citizens. More details and ordering info available here.

** STOP-IMF@LISTS.ESSENTIAL.ORG ** is an open, moderated listserve which posts newsclips, reports, news releases, updates, urgent actions and analyses on topics relating to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), structural adjustment and Third World debt. It is not a discussion list. Traffic ranges from zero to five messages a day, averaging approximately two a day.
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Health Care Flyer
This is a one-page flyer that makes the link between the lack of health care in the US, the lack of health care in the rest of the world, and the WB and IMF's role in both.

Spanish Flyer for DC
This is a flyer in Spanish aimed at the DC population, calling for international solidarity.

General Flyer
This is a general flyer for use to encourage folks to get involved with A16 and come to DC. This is the front
and the back.

Forests and the IMF
This is a fact sheet prepared by American Lands on the International Monetary Fund and Forests.

Call to Action! Postcard
This is a postcard produced by Global Exchange which can be mailed, handed out, etc. You can download the front and back as images, or just the text.

Q&A on the World Bank
A succinct, basic, question & answer document on the World Bank and IMF by the 50 Years is Enough! Network.

HIPC briefing note for Jubilee 2000
This is some good background for demonstrating how absolutely bankrupt the IMF/WB-G7/8 debt initiative is. It is actually designed to maintain a state of economic colonialism throughout the world. -- Doug Hunt

Multinational Corporations/Locusts
Here's an op ed piece I wrote a couple of years ago about the operators of Export Processing Zones (EPZs), where most Third World sweatshops are located. It can be added that the Draconian socio-economic policies imposed by the IMF/WB pave the way for these coporate locusts to plunder debtor nations. -- Hal Sutton

The Poverty of Progress
A draft flyer on how the IMF/WB's version of progress actually involves impoverishment.

general flyer
This is a general flyer for early outreach.

The IMF in Africa
A Los Angeles Times article on "the two sides of debt relief."

Review of WB report
This is a review of the World Bank's 1997 World Development Report, a sort of annual report of the Bank.

DC Flyer
This is a flyer for DC, connecting local issues to the WB and IMF policies.

All about SAPs
This is a 4-page document explaining in some detail what structural adjustment is, why it's bad, and how the World Bank and IMF are responsible for the world's current mess.

Q&A on the WB and IMF
A fairly detailed document: World Bank 101 in question & answer format.

Call to action
This is a one-page call to action to participate in A16, as posted on Global Exchange's website.

What is the WB/IMF?
50 Years is Enough's one page description of the WB and IMF -- on the GX website.

WB/IMF facts
50 Years is Enough info on the WB, IMF, Structural Adjustment Programs, including a chart comparing their various effects. Posted on the GX website.

WB/IMF questions & answers
Questions incl. structural adjustment, responsible lending, debt & structural adjustment and decision-making at the IFIs.

The Unholy Trinity
A BIG GRAPHIC depicting the IMF, WTO and World Bank as a 3-headed Cerberus. Courtesy of Daniel Moffat.

The Golden Needle of Globalization
An overview of women, sweatshops and transnational corporations from the Corporate Watch website.

Interview with Charles Kernaghan
A discussion of sweatshops, economic globalization and the garment industry from the Corporate Watch website.

Bank Q&A
Questions and answers about the World Bank and Structural Adjustment.

Bank Q&A Spanish
Same as above, but in Spanish.

Open Letter to the World Bank
This is an open letter to the World Bank in both Spanish and English calling for a boycott of the World Bank's funding sources and an end to government financing of the Bank because of its structural adjustment policies. There are two versions of the letter -- one from those in the South and one from their supporters in the North.

Southerners' Statements
Great! Statements from Southerners who are suffering under structural adjustment, IMF/World Bank policies and say it like it is.

The IMF--Labor's Most Powerful Adversary
A paper by CEPR in plain English explaining what the IMF is, what it does, and why it is inimical to the interests of labor.

The following are a number of papers from Foriegn Policy In Focus:
World Bank's Environmental Reform Agenda (March 1999-v4, n10)
World Bank's Private Sector Agenda (December 1998-v3, n40)
The World Bank (October 1998-v3, n32)
The IMF and Good Governance (October 1998-v3, n33)
IMF Bailouts and Global Financial Flows (April 1998-v3, n5)
International Financial Institutions (November 1996-v1, n8)
Multilateral Debt (August 1999-v4, n21)
Democratizing the Trade Debate (August 1998-v3, n23)
U.S. Leadership in the Global Economy
Repairing the Global Financial Architecture: Painting over Cracks vs. Strengthening the Foundations

10 Reasons for UNCTAD Protest
This is a statement from the Assembly of the Poor, a Thai organization that organized the protests at the UNCTAD X meetings in Bangkok.

Mass Protests Planned
This is an article from Workers' Democracy on the A16 mobilizations.

Letter to Wolfensohn from Thailand
This is an open letter to World Bank President James Wolfensohn demanding an end to the Pak Mun dam, which is adversely affecting people in Thailand. It is an articulate statement from Southerners directly affected by the Bank's projects.

The following links are to good, basic information on what's wrong with the World Bank, the IMF, and the international debt situation, from the Friends of the Earth website:
World Bank --- IMF --- debt

The Three Stooges
The Three Stooges of Corporate Evil -- aka WANKER.

Here are several articles by economist Michel Chossudovsky on The Globalisation of Poverty and the Financial Crisis:
Brazil's IMF Sponsored Economic Desaster
Global Falsehoods: How the World Bank and the UNDP Distort the Figures on Global Poverty
The G7 "Solution" to the Global Financial Crisis - A Marshall Plan for Creditors and Speculators
'Financial warfare' triggers global economic crisis
various articles