Consensed Roles for A16 Direct Action

The following statement was consensed upon at the spokescouncil meeting Sunday, 3/26: 

Clarifying the Consensed Roles for A16 Direct Action and Permitted March and Rally 

The Mobilization for Global Justice is committed to nonviolence for the April 16 and 17 days of action against the IMF and World Bank. In order to facilitate a coming together of such a diverse coalition, participants in the mobilization--regardless of what they personally hold to be appropriate or inappropriate tactics--are endorsing the action guidelines which came out of the working groups' consensus process: 

1. We will use no violence, physical or verbal, towards any person.
2. We will carry no weapons.
3. We will not bring or use any alcohol or illegal drugs
4. We will not destroy property (excepting barricades erected to prevent us from exercising our First Amendment Rights). 

All A16 participants are strongly encouraged to take a nonviolence training before the event. Conflict de-escalation is a necessary part of the training so all protesters can, effectively, help to maintain a nonviolent action on the 16th and 17th. 

Peacekeepers for Permitted March and Rally: If you are particularly interested in peacekeeping, join the "Permitted March and Rally" working group. This group is organizing 200 Peacekeepers in a traditional way for the PERMITTED march and rally. Training will be conducted during the Convergence (April 8-15). 

Roles for Direct Action: The following roles were consensed upon for the direct action. Training will be provided, during the week Convergence, for all who volunteer for these roles: 

  • USHERS- These people will stop traffic at intersections so the march can pass through. They'll know the streets of D.C.; which are one-ways, which are dead ends, which are good alternative routes, etc. 
  • TACTICAL AND COM- These people will be paired up, assessing where it is strategically advantageous to act, and passing on info to affinity groups. Their role is to relay information, as opposed to giving orders. 
  • ACTION ELVES- Designated by their affinity group, Elves will be vibes-watching and looking out for the well being of everyone within their group, making sure that folks have access to water, food and first-aid. 
  • POLICE LAISONS- Designated by their affinity group, police liaisons are encouraged to buy time by stalling the police. They do not have negotiating powers unless explicitly empowered to by their particular affinity group (on behalf of their affinity group only). 

The above roles, and the commitment of all participants, eliminate any need for individuals to police one another. The mobilization decided, through its consensus process, not to have peacekeepers for the direct action component of April 16 and 17. The term "peacekeeper" has negative connotations for many groups and individuals within this broad coalition, so a compromise was reached. Ultimately each affinity group within the mobilization has the autonomy to assign whatever roles it decides are appropriate, for itself. Affinity groups are empowered and encouraged to assign internal roles for internal use. No affinity group is empowered to assign internal roles for external use (for other persons or affinity groups).

NOTE: Any affinity group organizing "peacekeepers" in the traditional sense for the A16 direct action component is disregarding the consensus of the mobilization, and is therefore an autonomous action, not endorsed by, or part of, the Mobilization for Global Justice. 

Let our actions encourage the diversity necessary for strength in this growing movement.

Everything for everyone, nothing for ourselves!
Onwards to A16!