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(A16 Medical Team document #2)

                                 A16 Medical Team's


Every protester to the World Bank/ IMF demo that risks encountering police tear gas & pepper spray chemicals and plastic bullets - should bring along the following health supplies:


CHANTS & ATTITUDE! i.e. "Ain't no power like the power of the people - cause the power of the people don't stop!"
WATER: LOTS to drink and rinse off chemicals. Spray mister head or squirt head on bottle to help conserve water & minimize contamination.
RESCUE REMEDY from Health Food store - 4 drops per quart of water.
BANDANNAS SOAKED IN VINEGAR A gas mask semi-substitute. Keep them in a heavy duty ziplock bag.
ENERGY SNACKS easy swallowing liquid, semi liquid to keep you going.
SHATTER RESISTANT EYE PROTECTION from plastic bullets. Prescription sports. Shooting glasses best.
SEALED GOGGLES like swimmers (available in prescription). Protection from tear gas & pepper spray.
FRESH SHIRT Sealed in plastic bag, to replace a chemically contaminated shirt.
CLOTH, 4x4 GAUZE, etc. to clean off chemicals.
DO NOT WEAR CONTACT LENSES!!! Trapped chemicals may cause eye damage.
DO NOT BRING/USE ON SKIN: Vaseline, detergent soap, skin moisturizers, make-up, because the chemicals bind with them - anything acidic will cause stronger reaction. Do not wear Vaseline, mineral oil for protection!!!

OPTIONAL Supplies / Clothing info:

*GAS MASK Preferably with shatter resistant lens & replaceable non-asbestos filters. M17A1 clones are good. Beware of police stealing them.
*CHEMICAL/GAS RESPIRATOR w filters for hazardous gases or paint stripper. Hardware or safety supply stores $15 - $40. They cover mouth and nose only. Use swim goggles too.
     NO earrings, piercings, necklaces, ties, etc. that can be grabbed.
(A Simpsons' show had the police use a giant magnet to capture protesters by their piercing)!
     WEAR Expendable synthetics that wont absorb chemicals, washed with castille soap (i.e. Dr. Bronners). Clinch/seal at wrists, ankles & neck. Windbreaker, light rain gear, also for changing color if you need to disappear.
Replacement pants/shirt sealed in bag. Non absorbent hair cover: plastic bags or shower caps. Helmet, cup, jock, sports bra. Comfortable running shoes. Heavy duty glove to handle hot tear gas canisters. Dress for the weather: Average temperature: high 69, mean 55, low 46,
rain possible.
*GLOVES disposable latex, vinyl, dishwashing. Extra bags.
*Mineral Oil & Rubbing Alcohol for pepper spray de-contamination. Dangerous if used incorrectly. See A16 Med Prevention & First Aid for Protesters (available soon).
*Paper, pen, for notes, documentation, etc..
*Money for food, transportation & telephone

Recommended Extra
JUMP KIT supplies for Affinity Groups:

Castile soap -i.e. Dr. Bronners- wash with before demo, after chemical exposure
2x2 & 4x4 bandages, menstrual pads (as bandages), Band-aids, tampons (for nose bleeds), skin tape, ace bandages
Eye irrigation
CPR masks
Instant ice
Emergen-C or other electrolyte mix
Arnica 30x, 6c is better (homeopathic remedy for shock & trauma)
Causticum and Cantharis 30x (homeopathic remedies for burns)
Wound & skin ointments. Ching Wan Hung burn/abrasion ointment available in Asian Communities
Emergency phone numbers, contact information
Jar: non-breakable w lid, date/time/place-label, to take air/tear gas sample
Camera (expendable) 400 ASA film, duct tape, marker
5 gal buckets - cover tear gas canisters

The Medical Team will also need the following donations: 
LOTS of clean: towels, fresh clothes & sheets. Bring those to us if you can.

PROTESTERS, read the information written for you by the A16 Medical Team on:
1) A16 Medical Team's Goals, Strategy & General Advise for Protesters
2) Prevention & first aid for protesters (available soon)
3) Medical Monitors information (available early April)

Thank you and stay strong,
The A16 Medical Team

Health care for people - not profit!