Why Come to Seattle?
We eat food.
The WTO regulates the standards which our food is grown, processed, and sold to us. The WTO determines the labor and enviornmental practices that determine how our food is grown. 

We work.
The WTO sets the standards by which employers determine who to hire, how much to pay, what kind of benefits we receive, and the safety conditions of our workplace. 

We breathe.
The WTO has already ruled that breathing clean air is not a priority. Higher profits for oil companies is far more important to the benefit of the world.

We go to school.
The WTO wants to create educational standards that limit public sector educational services to the standards that businesspeople and corporations decide. Math programs designed by M&M Candies (what's the chance of a green one?) have already entered our school systems. 

We live
in an industrialized country that exploits other nations and other peoples for the sake of comfortable living conditions in the U.S. We have a responsibility to understand the reality of the global economy beyond our own lives and speak out against these policies. Seattle offers an amazing opportunity to stand together as human beings and declare our sovereignty. Making these connections is the necessary step in creating institutions for our own communities, our needs, our children, and ourselves.