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"Rugged individualism and take take take take take offer something like a solution ... but there's an alternative that we can work on together, a whole /bunch/ of alternatives, /if/ we work together.

I moan and groan about folks not pulling together, and how it's not just me who's getting jammed (3 friends and I had a 4bdrm lined up ... landlord saw how many had applied, and increased the rent; they bailed. And I need a place October1!), and a few folk do extend some kind words (one friend is sending me a $20 bill! whooohoo!!) ... but this is the sort of thing I'm looking to connect with: "Collectives and Cooperatives Grow in DC" - ''Facing rising health care costs, and a shortage of affordable housing, some people in Washington, DC are coming together to form cooperatives.''

Yaa! That's what I'm talkin' about!!

For a glimpse of what things are like on the frontlines: Injustice in Albuquerque - "Donna Rowe, Director of Youth in Transition, a drop-in center for homeless youth in Albuquerque, was arrested and falsely charged on March 13, 2003."


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> Soul of a Citizen;
> Living With Conviction in a Cynical Time ... a book by Paul Rogat Loeb

>"[I]ncreasingly, a wall separates each of us from the world
> outside, and from others who have taken refuge in their own private
> sanctuaries. How can we renew the public participation that's the very
> soul of democratic citizenship?
> Certainly we need to decide for ourselves whether particular causes are
> wise or foolish. But we also need to believe that our individual
> involvement is worthwhile, that what we might do in the public sphere
> will not be in vain. The challenge is as much psychological as political.
> As the Ethiopian proverb says, ''He who conceals his disease cannot be
> cured.''
> We need to understand our cultural diseases--callousness,
> shortsightedness, denial--and learn what it will take to heal our society
> and our souls. How did so many of us become convinced that we can do
> nothing to affect the future our children and grandchildren will inherit?
> We often don't know where to start. Most of us would like to see people
> treated more justly and the earth accorded the respect it deserves. But
> we mistrust our own ability to make a difference. The magnitude of the
> issues at hand has led too many of us to conclude that social involvement
> isn't worth the cost.
>Such resignation
> isn't innate or inevitable. It's what psychologists call learned
> helplessness, a systematic way of ignoring the ills we see and leaving
> them for others to handle. We find it unsettling even to think about
> crises as profound as the extinction of species, depletion of the ozone
> layer, destruction of the rainforests, and desperate urban poverty. We're
> taught to doubt our voices ... Our
> impulses toward involvement are dampened by a culture that demeans
> idealism, enshrines cynicism, and makes us feel naive for caring about
> our fellow human beings or the planet we inhabit."
> From Utne Reader's excerpt  |  Sample chapters

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  Really interesting stuff, and it rings quite true. i'd probably add that
  entertainment, that being the incessant desire for, is also a
  contributing factor.

  i've lived in a few different places, and one of the things i've
  definately noticed is that community is much more prevelant in small
  population areas. the second there's more people than you could meet in a
  day; bang, self-interest takes a fore. could be that humans are simply
  not equipped to deal with city life; at least not in an emotionally
  healthy way. of course there are many downsides to small-community life.

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_What Goes 'Round Comes 'Round_
That little urge, the slight impetus, the idea of responding, that premonition of activity ... that's the fact of co-emergence and interdependent awareness: your world and you have signaled that your conscious intervention is being sought by something. By what? For what, and with what reason? The "just-so" of what you do next is your contribution to the world. You'll encounter a certain internal resistance, a whole lot of tension or a vague reluctance ... the just-so of what you experience is the fact of your encountering your karma. Will you adjust your action in a principled manner? Will you just shrug it off? Will you explore the obstacles? Will you be inquisitive about your internal process and the external dynamics that affect you so personally?
_Willing_ ... to be willing to respond, to be willingly present to the situation, to excercise will-power ... or not. If you've felt what the in-spiration of situation, then something has come 'round to you; what you make go 'round is up to you ... will you?

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