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Miss Peebles

A discourse tool

When I moved to the big city I anticipated a fine library, and it was so. While I was getting my library card, the librarian struck up a conversation with me. Perhaps a 14 year old boy who wanted to read about radio transmission, grinding telescope mirros, and Kierkegaard wasn't such a surprise to her. In any case, after giving me instructions concerning the lower floor (which was for kids) she told me to come and see her if the book I needed wasn't there, and she would give me a reference to the real thing on the upper floors, which was reserved for grown ups.

I wouldn't say that the web is for kids, because that simply isn't true. If on the one hand we have an ocean of greed and petty larceny, on the other we have a second ocean that's even deeper ... white-papers, learned texts, complete books, research documents. And in between we have a third ocean, individual essays and hobby pages, forums and news groups, and of course ... blogs!
This project concerns itself with weaving those together, with an eye to facilitating access to material of appropriate granularity while enabling annotation and comment. In short, this is about knowledge creation through participation and discourse.

MozDawg on DAV and docs

Right now I need a machine to support dual boot XP/Linux and an internet connection. My personal resources cannot handle even this last item. At the moment I'm connecting to Lynx and Pine via Telix at 2400BPS on a '286. If you're interested in contributing or participating in this, or would like to comment, please contact me by e-mail. (Needless to say, I don't have Jabber, ICQ, or AIM just now!)
Ben Tremblay 26FEB03