To Garuda - 1

Rainbow Building

When folks get together to go boating, they might talk about boats but just as likely talk about all sort of other things. When folks get together to build boast, they will likely talk about all sorts of other things, but it's very likely they they'll talk about boats, and boat building. Rainbow building is like that: everyone enjoys the benevolence of our phenomenal world; some enjoy it while engaging it directly, like thosewho eat good food and then involve themselves in the growing or providing of it. Rainbow builders are like that.

The immediate consequence is a delicious irony. Whether a person is enjoying the thrill of connecting deeply with another while brainstorming about enjoying the thrill of connecting with others, or using language precisely while discussing how to use language precisely, there's a self-revealing quality to all activity that far surpasses more obviously egoistic activities in pleasure and, of course, in benefit to self and others.

When we're consciously engaged in seeking attention and TLC, we can be aware of how this informs whatever we've chosen to do, whether that's organize a party or tidy up the office files. Likewise, when it's time to cope with outside influences, what might othewise be a task or a chore can be transformed by a mindfulness of how the rainbow can shed its light on that moment, and how it inevitably is doing just that. Like the Tao, it is always present, even when ignored.

There are a finite number of drives that direct our daily lives. None of these are inherently lifeless since its their connection to our deepest processes that energizes us, that tugs at our attention or directs our mood and movement. Just as each droplet of the rainbow sprinkles its bits of like, with mindfulness of the greater unfolding, we can be aware as each moment sparkles.